Incident Management
Priority matrix based on urgency and impact
Automatic assignment of orders
Timeline and statistics
Resolving knowledge base incidents
A grid of relations to the problem, changes, tasks, projects
Combining orders (parent – child)
Satisfaction statistics

Execution of orders and access management
Easily create forms
Dynamic forms
Order templates
Self-service portal (service request form, status tracking, FAQ, reservations)

Problem management
Categorization and prioritization
Searching for solutions from the knowledge base
One click saves the solution to the knowledge base
Event link, change and configuration item
Document Link
Tracking and planning problem tasks
Cost tracking

Service resource management and configuration
Predefined resource templates
Relationship between assets
Links to the incident, problem, change and knowledge base
Locations on the map
Data Center Management
Financial and administrative information

Shift management
Task management, CAB approvals
Predefined task templates
Custom RFC forms
Cost tracking and budget allocation
Link to event, problem, project and configuration item
Link to knowledge base and document

Service level management
SLA and reporting
SLA and OLA for incident reports and services
Automatic notification of SLA / OLA thresholds
User surveys
Out-of-box reports

Supplier management
Supplier and contact information
Contract management, including cost tracking
Link to supported configuration items
Link to related incidents, problems, changes,
Link to the knowledge base

Finance management
Budgeting by location
Financial tracking (value, depreciation, TCO, order number, warranty …)
Cost tracking (incident, service request, problem, change, design)
Budget cost allocation by type of configuration item

Project management
Design tasks and tracking subprojects
Total GANT planning
Kanban Board
Cost tracking
Link to change management and configuration itemsContract Management

Knowledge Base
Internal knowledge management and FAQ for end users
Access management defined by the article owner
Relation to categories and configuration items
Integrated WYSIWYG editor

Performance management
Human resource planning
Reservation of configuration items
Resource management (licenses, closet space, storage, …)

Ticket list

Processing ticket

Simple statistics

Adwanced reports

Detailed inventory

RACK inventory and more…



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